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The Cubendi™ magnetic transforming cube is a new dimension in puzzle play from the makers of Shashibo®. A few twists and turns create a myriad of colorful shapes. Combine several Cubendi to create even larger structures!

  • About Cubendi

    ● 48 Rare Earth Magnets. 
    ● An entirely different world of possible shapes. 
    ● A unique twisting, turning movement along with the classic folding and hinging. 
    ● Magnetic incompatibility with Shashibo
    ● When combined, creates malleable and stable structures
    ● A welcoming experience into shape shifting puzzle cubes. 

Cubendi is the latest magnetic shape shifting puzzle cube from the makers of Shashibo! A new magnetic shape shifting puzzle cube with the same starting cube dimensions as Shashibo, but an entirely different world of possibilities. From the moment you open it, it’s a unique user experience that encourages movement through its shapes in a very different way than the Shashibo.

Cubendi’s urban vibes are front and center. Energetic colors and eclectic patterns pop from every corner – and the shapes you can make are totally wild and unique. Although It Isn’t magnetically compatible with Shashibo, you can Collect & Combine multiple Cubendi with one another. Get Cubendi and get creative!

Cubendi’s movement is more free-flowing and some people find it easier to open and manipulate due to the unique orientation of the pieces of the cube. It came about through research our team does exploring possibilities of the magnetic shape shifting universe.

It’s powered by 48 rare earth magnets, and is made of 100% recycled ABS plastic. Cubendi features its own twists and turns through its entirely unique series of shapes. When you Collect and Combine Cubendi, you create moveable and malleable structures that can continue to shape shift as a single unit even though you have multiple Cubendi connected together. The only way to experience the twisting and turning flow of Cubendi is to try it yourself.